The London Pub Crawl Company offer guided pub tours around historic precincts of London, plus free tour routes available through their website. The tours cover most areas of central London, where all pubs are hand-picked by the team. Tours touch on both the history of the pubs in the area as well as specific information about the beers.

The brand was developed to appeal to both the general public as well as more corporate clientele. One of the most important requirements of the design brief was retaining strong appeal to a higher-end demographic, whilst avoiding the negative associations with the 'pub crawl' phrase. The all-caps typography hints at traditional London street signage. The serif typography allows some visual play with the negative space within the 'U' framing a pint glass. The hand-written text and horizontal rule that frames the top and bottom of the logo gives it a more hand-crafted feel. Finally, the lock-up is designed to be tight, medium to high-contrast and roughly square. This allows for a large range of applications across different media.

The business has also recently released a successful London Pub Walks iPhone application alongside their tours. The application is fast becoming the best London iPhone app for pubs.